Role of Interactive Maps in Data Visualization

Role of Interactive Maps in Data Visualization

You might have heard about the use of interactive maps by retailers and marketers to promote their stores and products. Apart from way-finding and directions, interactive maps can simplify and enhance data visualization. As visual content is easy to comprehend, incorporating Interactive Maps in  Data Visualization dashboards will make the process effortless. What are Interactive Maps? Interactive … Read more

The importance of being DataLiterate (in a post-GDPR world)

Can Data Literacy be the key to data governance? Data literacy is the key to unlocking opportunity in this post-GDPR world. With only a quarter (24%) of business decision-makers considering themselves to be data literate many may feel up the junction but there is hope. Recently while listening to my Spotify Time Capsule one of my favorite … Read more

Uncover actionable insights with advanced analytics in Power B

Uncover actionable insights with advanced analytics in Power BI

Transform your business with predictive analytics, data visualization, and real-time intelligence In an ideal world, business decisions come with limited risk. They’re made after all the data has been looked at, all variables analyzed, all permutations accounted for and factored into an equation that ends with a more efficient process, or a happier customer, or … Read more

Big Data: Information visualization techniques

We recently explored the Big Data visualization principles. Now it’s time to delve deep into Big Data visualization techniques and find out which one is appropriate for various use cases. Two-dimensional (2D) area Such visual forms are mostly geospatial, which means they represent some certain geographical location on the globe. Area or distance cartograms are the copies of some parts … Read more

Understanding Data Visualization | Importance, Techniques, Tools & Software

Data Visualization – What is it actually and who uses it? Data visualization is a generic term used which describes any attempt to help understanding of data by providing visual representation. Visualization of data makes it much easier to analyse and understand the textual and numeric data. Apart from saving time, increased used of data for … Read more

The Most Common Type of Data Visualisations & Examples

15 Chart Types, Visualisations and How To Use Them With the growing amount and accessibility of data, data visualization is becoming increasingly important. Not only does visualized data represent large quantities of data coherently, it doesn’t distort what the data has to say and helps the user discern relationships in the data. According to the … Read more

10 useful ways to visualize your data(with examples)

Many people spend their day sifting through data, combining multiple data sources, and finally getting data ready for the moment of truth: seeing it in a data visualization. Data visualizations are the culmination of all data crunching work–they’re supposed to take long numeric lists and complicated KPIs, and present them in intuitive, easy to understand … Read more