Digital Marketing Job Description

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This digital marketing description sample can assist you to assemble an inventory which will attract the foremost – and most qualified – marketing candidates. Get the simplest results by keeping this outline’s general structure and organization, and revising it with the precise job duties and requirements of your open position. you’ll also take a glance at our digital marketing job listings for more ideas on creating the simplest ad.

Digital Marketing

Job seekers love an outline that begins with an introductory paragraph telling them a touch bit about your company and dealing environment. Take two or three sentences to shape your recruiting pitch for the perfect candidate, and you’ll set your company aside from competing listings

Digital Marketing Job Responsibilities:

  • Plan and execute all of the web, SEO/SEM, database marketing, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns.
  • Designs build and maintain our social media presence.
  • Measures and reports the performance of all digital marketing campaigns and assesses against goals (ROI and KPIs).
  • Identifies trends and insights and optimizes spend and performance supported the insights.
  • Brainstorms new and artistic growth strategies through digital marketing.
  • Plans execute and measures the experiments and conversion tests.
  • Collaborates with internal teams to make landing pages and optimize the user experience.
  • Utilizes strong analytical ability to gauge end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touchpoints.
  • Identifies critical conversion points and drop off points and optimizes the user funnels.
  • Collaborates with agencies and other vendor partners.
  • Evaluates emerging technologies.
  • Provides thought leadership and perspective for adoption where appropriate.

Don’t forget to summarize the details of your firm’s working hours and benefits. Advise prospective marketing gurus about the possibility for flexible hours or work-week structures, as well as any travel requirements. This is also the perfect chance to sell potential hires on benefits unique to your company, like commissions, stock options, or paid parental leave.

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