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Digital marketing managers develop and implement marketing projects. They come up with advertising strategies and campaigns to promote products or services on the web. They focus on increasing sales through brand recognition and loyalty. The digital marketing manager must be well-versed in e-commerce and be able to keep up with rapid changes in the digital marketplace.

Job Titles & Average Salaries:

Digital Marketing Manager: $64,459

Inbound Marketing Manager: $74,347

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO may be evolving, but it’s not going away. SEO is one of the most critical aspects of the digital marketing plan, and with good reason – it works. According to HubSpot, Google is responsible for 96% of mobile traffic and 94% of total organic traffic, which means your SEO strategy can really help you boost the visits to your website. As an SEO professional, it is your job to ensure that your company’s online content is prepared to be read and favoured by search engines.

SEO management is a fast-paced and rapidly evolving job that requires you to stay on top of trends, data, and algorithm changes. What rank today may not rank tomorrow, and an SEO specialist is always prepared to the course-correct as needed. Having these skills will make you a valuable asset to any company, and according to the same HubSpot article, “61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic

Job Titles & Average Salaries:

SEO Specialist: $43,821

Inbound SEO Specialist: $50,223

SEO Manager: $66,544

Inbound SEO Manager: $69,155

PPC Marketer

Pay-per-click is a kind of advertising where businesses pay when users click on their ad. It drives sales to the website, and you only pay for results. The tricky part is attracting the most qualified traffic with the lowest ad spend. That’s where the data comes in. Professional in the PPC needs to be able to look at all the angles and optimize what works. It is a special talent that requires strong analytical skills.

Job Titles & Average Salaries:

PPC Manager: $50,035

PPC Professional: $44,219

PPC Analyst: $43,315

Social Media Expert

Having a strong social media presence is more critical than ever. A quick look at some of the stats show that:

  • 80% of the Instagram user follows some form of business
  • 68% of Americans and about 30% of the world’s population uses Facebook
  • 26% of Facebook the user who click on an ad, eventually make a purchase
  • Ad engagement on Twitter is up 91% over last year
  • 98% of the Pinterest user are inspired to try ideas after seeing them first on Pinterest

Having the sound social media presence is vital, and so is having professionals who can establish the presence, engage users, build brand loyalty, and convert consumers.

Job Titles & Average Salaries:

Social Media Strategist: $51,248

Social Media Marketing Manager: $49,552

Social Media Manager: $49,146

Social Media Specialist: $41,702

Social Media Coordinator: $39,024

Inbound Social Media Manager: $54,514

Content Manager

Content managers oversee all things related to the content, from brainstorming to calendars, and from creation to layout. They also direct the creative team, setting goals and deadlines. Content managers work with the freelancers, account managers, and editors to get the materials they need to impress website visitors and social media followers.

Content management comes with a lot of responsibility, so good organization and leadership skills are a must. In some circumstances, a company may require a degree in Marketing, Communications, or something similar. However, for web content management, in particular, it is more likely that an organization will value the experience and a proven track record.

Job Titles & Average Salaries:

Content Manager: $56,709

Inbound Content Manager: $62,688


There are quite a few ways to make money as a blogger. You can monetize your own self-interest blog, which can be quite lucrative with a strong social media strategy. It’s also where many pros get their start. Companies want to reach out to their customers. They want to connect on a more human level and provide their customers with valuable information, so brands are hiring writers to do it.

Many of the bigger companies hiring in-house bloggers want a bachelor’s in English or Journalism. However, small to medium-sized companies just starting out may be more willing to work with the talented and dedicated writers who have relevant experience.

Job Titles & Average Salaries:

Blogger: $41,889

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