Qlik Sense Mashup

Qlik Sense Mashup

Qlik Sense Mashup

A Qlik Sense mashup is a web page, web site or web application which uses Qlik Sense objects from one or more Qlik Sense apps to create a unique web service with one graphical interface. In other words, a mashup is a combination of Qlik Sense web API with a web framework enabling web integration on Qlik Sense. You can create responsive web pages or web sites using data and visualizations from Qlik Sense apps.

A mashup may also be considered to be the combination of Qlik Sense Web API alongside a website - it enables web integration on Qlik Sense. With the help of data and visualization using Qlik Sense apps, responsive webpages or website can be created.

The Qlik Sense visualization can be reused alongside the custom extensions; you may use Qlik Sense data and calculations.

Mashup APIs are for displaying Qlik Sense objects on a web application or website in which interaction take place with the Qlik Sense datasets.

Using the Qlik Sense Mashup, a developer can generate codes to embed objects from Qlik Sense into other web pages (Single Configurator) or build a whole web page which pulls elements from Qlik Sense (Mashup Editor). A Qlik Sense Mashup can also create objects that interact with the API, and can also allow you to make changes to the code (via HTML, CSS, JavaScript or URL parameters).

Although the Qlik Sense Mashup can provide an excellent starter for ten when developing, the real excitement for every developer comes from going beyond and designing your own code. You may have to search for some of the functions you want to use, but there is also nice documentation on the APIs in the Qlik help pages.

Qlik Mashup can be:

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